Sunday, June 26, 2011

I have missed you!

Wow. Summer is here. She is going strong. I have been so remiss in blogging for the past several months. Life has really swept me along and I have missed blogging. As a stay at home mama, it's nice to have an outlet, and blogging is mine. I enjoy reading about others and writing as well.
Our last day of school was May 26th. It was also the day we left for Camp Greystone. Every spring, the girls and I can hardly WAIT to get back to camp! It's hard to believe our time there has already past for 2011. We would love for our two oldest to attend a longer session next year. They have been Junior Campers for FIVE YEARS!!! They are old pros. Greystone is an amazing place for girls. Everything has a purpose. That ultimate purpose is to glorify God in ALL things. Nonetheless, there is a reason for everything... the length of each class period, the evening programs, the meals, Breakfast Club, the placement of the bunk beds, et cetera. They plan well and carefully change those things that need tweaking. Greystone is a gift, a true blessing. I am so thankful that our girls are part of the Greystone family. They will be blessed by Greystone throughout their lives. If you have a little girl or a niece, you should look into Greystone. Tell Jimboy that Mama Henley sent you!! You will LOVE Jimboy's daily blog posts.

After camp, I drove home with our 4 girls. I can't tell you how HAPPY I was to finally make it home after our second 12 hour drive. Whew. It took forever, but we made it! DH was so happy to have his girls home again. We arrived home on a Friday night and the next morning our girls had their recital rehearsal. Their recital was the following day. What incredible ballerinas we have!

I can't wait to tell you more about our summer thus far. It has been very rich!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I have such fond memories of camp too. It will be so cool to send my children one day. That day will be here before we know it. Welcome back blogging - I have missed your Tuesday tips.

carolinagirl said...

I've already said this a few times this year, but "what happened to the lazy days of summer?"!

I can only imagine how busy you are too, but I know it is fun.

Love the recital pics!

AnnieMac said...

I just picked up our daughter this past Friday from June Camp @ Greystone. This was her 4th summer there. You are right - it is a perfectly magical place. I too highly recommend it to anyone looking for a summer camp for their daughter.

Glad that you had such a wonderful time! Enjoy the rest of your summer.