Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uses for Christmas cards!

-Use them to decorate your tree

-Use them to make placemats and laminate them

-Make a door filled with Christmas card pictures and keep it that way year-round

-Take the front of cards that are not picture cards and use them for craft projects or to create new cards

-Put them in a bowl or basket and keep them there year-round so that you will look at them. When you pull one out, pray for that family.

-Put the cards in a basket on your kitchen table and keep them there throughout the year. At every family meal, let each child take a turn drawing a card and pray for that family. You could extend the activity and send that family a written note as well!


-Frame your cards from your entire married life and let them decorate a hallway or stairwell. You will love it!

-Frame the cards in tabletop frames that you pull out only at Christmas each year

-Create a scrapbook of your family's cards throughout the years!


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