Monday, February 28, 2011

Green with Envy

All of the girls will be green with envy when they see you out and about with your new Neela bags. sells these fantastic bags. Now listen here to Mama Henley, you NEED a set. I know you're thinking that you don't need them because all you have to do is get a free one from a store or stock up on some reusable bags at Target or Harris Teeter or Publix for just $1 each. Yes, even TJ Maxx and Marshall's are producing cute reusable bags. The difference is that sells bags that are not only green, but they are CUTE, and they are sold in a precious bag with 5 folded bags inside it! What a deal!

And, if you use your cute bags at stores like Target, they will give you 5 cents credit for each reusable bag! Honey, it adds up quickly! Imagine the fun you will have saving money by using your stylish GREEN bags! If you do decide to buy some market bags, tell Ecodilly that Mama Henley sent you! Thanks, y'all!


Jennifer said...

the pink one is just lovely!!

Donna said...

Cute...will have to check them out!!