Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

Are you enjoying summer travels? I know we are!! It is great to get out and explore the country when your children do not have to be in school. Whether you work or stay at home with your children, many people travel during the summer. Favorite destinations include the beach and the mountains.

When we travel, we love to send postcards to family and special friends. I actually like going in the junky tourist shops so that I can buy 10 postcards for $1. In "shi shi" Martha's Vineyard, the postcards could not be found for a bargain. Once I find my postcards, I am very excited. I sit and write while waiting in restaurants or at night in our hotel room or house.

Then what do you do? How do you know everyone's address? How do you mail the postcards. Certainly smartphones have made life easier for us as addresses can be stored right in your phone. I take a copy of our Christmas address list with me when we travel. I also go to the post office in our hometown before we leave and buy a sheet or more of postcard stamps. Then, once I write the postcards, I can drop them in the mail! Therefore the postcards will have the cool postmark of whatever fun place we are visiting at the time rather than the postcard of our hometown. Don't you just love it?! Go out and buy your postcard stamps right now before your next trip! You can even keep them at the ready in your purse! Don't forget a favorite pen as well:). Happy Travels!

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