Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Corn Salad

When we visited the fabulous Julia and David, we were treated to many gourmet meals! The best part is that they took place right there at her dining room table. Julia is a wonderful cook who carefully uses fresh produce and herbs right from her garden! One day at lunch, Julia prepared a delicious corn salad with fresh corn. I did not write down her recipe, so today I created my own summer corn salad. I think you can adjust it as needed and use fresh ingredients that you have on hand to make it even better!

First of all, you need some sweet summer corn. Shuck it and brush it to get rid of the corn silk. Then, carefully cut the corn off of the cob. I did not cook our corn, but those who prefer a hot salad could grill it or saute' the corn in olive oil. I thought the summer sweetness was just perfect without cooking it. I put the corn in a large mixing bowl and added a little olive oil, Maldon sea salt, and fresh pepper. Next, I used ingredients we have in our kitchen including a great tomato, red onion, and fresh basil. Avocado is great too, but ours was not yet ripe. You can use cilantro instead of basil if you want it to taste differently. Chop the ingredients you want to add to the corn and then add them to the large bowl. Taste it to see if you need more salt and pepper. Put it in your refrigerator so that the flavors mix. YUM! You have a healthy and easy side dish! Happy Summer, y'all! Thank you, Julia, for the inspiration!

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Kristin said...

I love the idea of adding avocado to it!