Monday, December 19, 2011

Missing in Action or Where in the World is Mama Henley or Did you Quit Writing Your Blog?

It is no secret. I have been quite remiss in writing on my blog. There have been weeks where I have completely lived without my blog world, and there are weeks I have missed it. I often think of things to write in my head, but seldom find myself sitting down to write. 2011 has been a huge year of change for us.
We watched our precious school close its doors for the last time in May. It had been an amazing Classical Christian school for 16 years. We mourned its passing. We mourned the relationships that were hurt or lost in the process of the closing. We cried many tears for our friends, our school, our students, and our own children. The Lord definitely knew our hearts for we spent a lot of time talking to Him. In that respect, it was a time of growth. He is always with us.

Our summer was spent praying over what to do next. We prayed about where to send our four oldest to school. We considered homeschooling since I am a former elementary school teacher. The Lord stirred up a group of people to start another Classical Christian school. That was our heart's desire. I followed DH's lead to help start the new school. It opened its doors just after Labor Day with an exuberant group of teachers and staff and a wonderful headmaster who had been there the last year of our former school. I was to be the French teacher. We LOVED the updated curriculum, the teachers, and everyone in the school. We bought new uniforms for four eager students and happily began a new adventure in Classical Christian education.

Just as I finished my first lesson plan for teaching French, it became clear that DH was going to have a new job. We rejoiced over the Lord's provision, though our hearts questioned why we had gone through the tears and efforts to start a new school that we would now have to leave. That's right. DH's new job would move us out of Tampa. We could not believe it!!!

While excited about this new opportunity and adventure for our family, the idea of leaving our friends and our church and our school was enough to undo us. We cried even more tears. Our days were spent trying to spend as much time with our dear friends as possible. We had gatherings and sweet dinners and lunches and playdates with friends. We cried some more. We prayed.

Just before Thanksgiving, the children took their last swim in our sweet Tampa pool. Our hearts hurt as we waved goodbye to palm trees, bay breezes, and sunny days. We are nesters. We like to burrow into our home and community and stay there. We lived in our Raleigh home for 8 years with no intention of adding on our moving. We were very content with our life there when we were moved to Florida. Our Florida home brought us so many sweet friendships and happy memories. Now we are off on a new adventure!!! I hope to live to tell you ALL about it!