Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We are enjoying our new life in the mountains, which is quite different than our life on the Florida coast. We traded sunny skies for foggy ones this winter and enjoyed snuggles under blankets and warm fires. Spring is now here and we are enjoying sights of dogwoods and daffodils for the first time in 3 springs. It feels good to be back in the south.

People are kind to ask how we like our new home and if the move has gone well. We love our new city. It is an incredible place to live and our little community is like Mayberry. It is beautiful, safe, and the draws of a big city are right at our fingertips. People are extremely kind and welcoming. The children have settled into their new school and are all doing well.

However, the truth is, moving is hard. You have to start all over. You have to find new best friends, new doctors, new dry cleaners, new grocery stores, etc. DH and I are on the "dating circuit" trying to get to know other couples. After every dinner, we ask ourselves, "Did they like us? Did you like him? I liked her, but was he nice? Do you think our families will get along?" Just as a single woman waits for her date to call her again, we wait to see if anything will come from our dates out with other couples. It can be quite lonely. We had a wonderful group of friends in Tampa and we enjoyed spontaneous dinners out with them, nights out with the children, swimming parties, et cetera. It was comfortable. Now we are out of our comfort zone all over again.

We are extremely blessed in that our best friends from college live a mile away. They have been incredible at introducing us to all of their friends. We have received quite a welcome here. However, at the end of the day, we have to make our own bonds with these new friends. It is a part time job and it is one that is sometimes exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. Sometimes I can't wait to invite the next couple to do something and sometimes I am filled with great dread.

What does this have to do with you?, you might wonder. You have lived in the same town your entire life and you never plan to move. Who cares that Mama Henley has good days and bad days? Well, take a minute and look outside your circle of friends. Do you know a new couple in town? If you do, invite her to lunch or ask the couple to join your Supper Club as special guests. If everyone loves them, break the mold and invite them to join your group! Ask a new friend's child over for a play date. Reach out to someone you do not know well who has co-existed in your town for years and years. You never know what kind of friendship may form!

As for me, I am back to planning our next night out with another couple! Dating is tough!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Tip

I have not been hiding under a rock, though our new yard would certainly encourage me to do so! I hope to get back into blogging regularly, but life has taken us by the proverbial horns and proves to never be boring! As we are settling into a new home with more square footage, I am finding it more difficult to keep it clean. Therefore, I have implemented a new strategy. Normally I do not buy convenience foods or items because I know you pay more for the convenience of individually packaged bags of chips or crackers. However, in this case, I am going to encourage convenience.

How often do you learn of a last minute gathering at your home whether it be for playgroup or an impromptu Superbowl gathering like the one we hosted? It seems to happen to me enough that I have implemented a new system for keeping the house clean. I still regularly mop, vacuum, and disinfect and clean the bathrooms. I have always kept cleaning supplies under each bathroom sink. However, now I have added convenience Windex, pledge, and Lysol or Clorox wipes to my collection under the sink. When a friend announces her impending arrival, I quickly disinfect the toilet, sink, and all handles and faucets and then wipe off the mirror too. It gives us a quick clean when we are short on time! Certainly the Lysol or Clorox wipes also work well for cleaning up after a bevy of company. You can pop in each bathroom and make sure they are clean and disinfected without pulling out an arsenal of cleaning products!

Yes, you will pay more for the convenience, but since we do not have a housekeeper, I feel this splurge is justifiable! Happy Tuesday's tip!