Friday, September 18, 2009

Coupon Binder

I have been busy the last several days organizing a new coupon binder. Money Saving Mom has great tips and coupons and I use her website for links to extra coupons. You will be amazed at how much you can save!!! Target has specific Target coupons which can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons for great savings. I just used a Target buy 2 save $1 ($1/2) and a manufacturer's coupon ($1/2) to buy 2 packs of Bic mechanical pencils for $.48!! I am going to use them as stocking stufffers.

It took LOTS of time and money to set up my new binder but I love it. I picked a lavender binder because that color makes me happy. I bought cute tab dividers in pastels (pink, green, lavender, Tiffany blue) and labeled them with a Sharpie marker. You can use this post on Money Making Mom to guide you. I made up my own categories based on my small accordion coupon organizer that is now defunct. Within a category like Drug Items, I filled one whole baseball card page just with deodorant, another with razors, etc. I have a special section for Meds, and another one just for soaps/shampoos. I think it's best to organize it so that it is tailored to your needs. I have always used coupons and used to cut them for my mama to use when I was a little girl. However, this new method allows you to see ALL of your soap or shampoo coupons at one time so that you really get the best deal. It's incredible! Try it. You will love the savings!!

You can also learn how to shop the CVS & Walgreens deals for extra savings, but if you've never even used coupons, you need to start small and then do more as you learn. It's so fun to see how much you can save! I will try to post pics of my binder soon!


pink green & southern said...

I used to be a big coupon user and really need to get back into it! Maybe your post will jumpstart things for me--I will check out that site!

Preppy Pettit said...

What a great idea!!!!