Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turning a corner

My post from a few days ago may have sounded too sad. I was caught in a range of emotions as things beyond my control changed. I think it's especially difficult when circumstances change and you are not surrounded by the familiarity of home. I do love our new home and precious new friends, our church, and our school. There is no doubt about that. It's just that I miss having the other people I love in the same town. Does that make sense?

So on Thursday afternoon we found out that one of our beloved teachers must make a job change. I cried. I cried because change is hard. I cried because our dear triplets have already had 2 teachers in one year. Now they will have a substitute and then another teacher. As the night turned into a new day, I felt better. God is in control. He keeps reminding me of that. Our teacher WAS fabulous, a true gift. However, there are other great teachers. God knows what our little ones need. He will provide. This all happened in HIS timing and He is not surprised by the circumstances. I just have to keep reminding myself of that! It is true in all areas of our lives.

We shared tearful goodbyes yesterday and I took a carload of shocked and sobbing children to Steak n Shake for their 2-4pm Happy Hour Half Off All Drinks special. Milkshakes and cherry Sprite do wonders to sad little souls. A playdate for 8 doesn't hurt either! Today is a new day, and I will "rejoice and be glad in it!"


EntertainingMom said...

Hugs Mama!!!!

I wish I could always be as positive as you... Cherry Sprites sound good... or was it 7-up? Still sounds good!

Caroline said...

I have twin girls in 1st grade. During kindergartern, one of the girls' teaachers was pregnant. While I had a lot more warning and a lot more time to adjust to the idea than you were given, I had very similar emotions. This girl is very quiet and very unique. She's also incredibly difficult to read and difficult to motivate. I was very concerned that the substitute would not have time to get to know her and figure out how she learns.

Well, God does take care of us. The long term sub shared a love of art with this daughter and connected very quickly. In the end, I think she motivated her a little better than the regular teacher. She was given opportunities to earn extra time in the art center, and her reading, which had stagnated, took off.

I hope this is your experience. Good luck!!

gjalston said...
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gjalston said...

A big hug for you :)
It's so much harder when change affects our children. We had a similar situation last year with our 11 year old, except for us it involved a school change. In the end, it all worked out for the best but at the time, it was very hard. Your kids are blessed to have a kind, caring mother to help them through the transition. In the meantime, I will keep your children and their new teacher in my prayers.