Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spinning my wheels....

Do you ever feel like a hamster just spinning your wheels? If you watched the above video, you saw the little guy bounce off and get right back on the wheel. That's how I feel today. I have planned and purchased and packaged everything in sight. I have delivered some of our local gifts, sent gifts home in October, and have addressed a big chunk of our Christmas cards. Yet, I feel so behind. The "to be ironed pile" has once again become insurmountable. We just vacuumed yesterday and it's time to do it again. Two beds have clean sheets but another one needs to be changed tomorrow. I haven't even had a chance to work on the piles of bills and papers this week. The time has disappeared while I spin my wheels. How do you women do it? How do you love your husband and children, feed them well, work out & stay stick thin and gorgeous, keep your house perfect, and look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine while Mama Henley just keeps spinning her wheel???


Suburban Princess said...

The ones who look like they have it all together are faking it! I am sure their upstairs look awful!

bevysblog said...

I so agree with Suburban Princess! NO ONE has it together. Just look under their beds - that's where their wrinkled laundry hides.

And you know they have a junk drawer too!

Pink Martini said...

Well, not me honey! I am on that wheel with you so move on over! As I was on Pioneer Woman's blog today I was wondering that exact same thing and she has a book tour going on too! Amazing.

To answer your 12 Days of Christmas question how about really kicking it up a notch and finding some lingerie with feathers or a feather boa? You could be the partridge in the pear tree holding a pear fresh or canned. :) Nah? I think I was given an ornament. Which one do you think he'd like best? ;)

Oh how funny - the word verification is 'prear'. If that isn't a coinkydink I don't know what is!

Jo said...

I just giggle when I hear some mothers go on and on about all that they have to do .... only to find out that they have someone come in to clean their homes, watch their children, deliver their market goods and send out their laundry. Hey, I could get way ahead if I had that much help!

Spinning with ya!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

seriously!!! I wish I had it all together to get everything done! I don't think any of us can do it all. I'll join you on the hamster wheel!!

EntertainingMom said...

Bwahaha... I was reading Jo's comment... I thought she said "have someone come over to deliver their children!!" Clearly my hamster wheel is spinning too. But I cleaned my cage yesterday after the painters left. And it felt so good! I can now cook and serve food in my cage too!

I do NOT have it altogether. I have MANY junk drawers, my closet is a mess, I am the most disorganized person in the world. It's a good thing I tell other people my plans so that they can remind me! I show up at parties early (by days, weeks!) and I show up at parties late... My laundry room is my skeleton in my closet. I am good about washing and folding. But the baskets NEVER make it upstairs to our bedroom. And when they get there they sit for another week or so.

We have a treadmill in the playroom. The cleaning people have to clear the dust off it weekly unless it's piled high with toys. I should but I don't work out!

Bevy, beneath my bed is SPOTLESS!I vacuumed after the painters were done and sucked all the dust buffalo into the machine!

Travelbug Mom said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! My children joke about my "ORGANIZED CHAOS" all the time.....I have "piles" in so many hidden places because I could NEVER seem to catch up......but if they need this "form" or that "book order" I always seem to produce it.....we don't give ourselves enough credit for what we are able to accomplish! hang in there ZHU ZHU!

pink green & southern said...

I am pretty sure that all those perfect moms are on meth.

But seriously, I am right there with you, spinning away, particularly this month. Thinking about makes me want to cry.