Monday, December 14, 2009

Triple Trouble

Our triplets used to love their little garden! You can buy one on ebay by clicking here. It is a toy our children have all loved and cherished, even as 2, 3, and 4 year olds. In fact, just this morning our friend, W, was throwing away her little garden. We had left our garden with a special niece in NC, so I loaded W's garden into my car so that H can play with it in our backyard! She will be so excited! This is a great gift for a young child if you need some ideas!

I sure do miss our little baby triplets! Aren't they the sweetest?!


Imjustagirl said...

They are precious!! I have a good friend who is pregnant w/ G,G,B triplets! So excitting!!

Henley on the Horn said...

I'm just a girl, I'd love to talk to your friend! She can email me at . And, I'd love to read your blog if it's open to readers like me. I miss it!

Travelbug Mom said...

I "inherited" a garden when I had my daughter. You are right.....AWESOME - IST toy! If kept her confined, occupied and didn't take up TOO much room! She LOVED the mailbox...thanks for the memories....oh and the babies....DARLING!

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh - they ARE the sweetest.

The Hayden Family said...

That photo is beyond precious!

Genius idea on the garden. It's on my to do list. I take your suggestions to heart!!!!!!!!! Everything you advise is genius and always works for us.

Merry merry!

bevysblog said...

This picture makes me laugh! My boys had the same garden. (I think it had a mailbox too?) You won't believe how I got it: off the curb! My best friend (lovely old Charleston family) taught me that trick. I also got the Cozy Coup car and a few other things that way. The catch is to make sure the neighborhood is nice and to drown it in bleach. It used to drive my husband crazy, but we saved tons of money on these outside toys that!

Oh... and I will post all pics tomorrow. I don't have the energy right now. But it was a smashing success! :)