Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Tip... Uses for cloth diapers

All mothers have used cloth diapers or burp cloths. When our triplets were born, we used so many burp cloths each day it wasn't even funny. I mean, just maybe I can laugh about it now, but the spitting and spurting was relentless. Gerber and Carters owned me. I couldn't buy enough of their soft cotton burp cloths. These cloths were what some of our mothers used for cloth diapers with the little diaper pens. Interestingly enough, they do not create a lot of lint and are a fabulous way to go green.
You can use old burp cloths as cleaning rags. I love using them to wash and dry windows or glass top tables. My favorite idea is to throw one in your beach bag. How many times have you been to the beach and found someone crying because they have sand in their eyes? For us, it's every single time we go! Sand seems especially attracted to little eyes. If you have a cloth diaper/burp cloth in your beach bag, you can wipe those little eyes and faces without wetting an entire big towel. They are soft and easy to use! You have helped save the earth by re-purposing something you may already have in your home! So don't throw those babies away, keep them for your beach bag or for cleaning cloths!


Travelbug Mom said...

I am with you! Unfortunately my 17 yr. old loves to use them to SHINE UP the car and wheels....makes for some nasty ground in dirt! I have managed to keep a few away from him. Thanks!

JDB said...

I use mine as dish towles. Not when we have guests mind you. But for everyday use, they work well.

Suburban Princess said...

I kept everything! I still carry a burp cloth in my diaper bag just in case...little boys can be messy!

I also kept all of the receiving blankets and we used them as change table covers when we are out and about or sometimes I just lie it down on the grass and change him on it!

Valerie said...

Great tip!

This brought back such fond memories for me. Disposables didn't really appear on the market until my youngest sibling was born...by then, my mom had diapered 2 previous babes in cloth...so why convert?

Thus, we had many, many cloth diapers around our home growing up. Besides allowing me to have a couple to "diaper" my dolls with (and those sharp cloth diaper pins...eeegads!), we used our cloth diapers as dust rags. They were so gentle and the perfect cloth to use on my mother's precious French Provincial dining room set. I can still smell the pledge!

I used disposable diapers, but I did purchase and/or register for cloth as well. I never thought to use them for our annual beach outing...guess what I'll be including on my packing list for our trip...a mere 6-weeks away?!!!


Molly Lou Gifts said...

I use them for cleaning cloths all of the time and the beach bag idea is perfect.

I love your blog. I found you through Bevy. I have seen your comments a lot on her site and decided to pop over. I am so glad I did. I am definitely going to get more of those plastic baskets. I used to be an elementary school teacher, so I have a few already. Hope the birthday party was fabulous.

Look forward to reading more!

bevy said...

Oh Mama Henley! You continue to amaze me... Too bad I have not seen a burp cloth in almost ten years!

pink green & southern said...

No more burp cloths in our house but there was a time that there seemed like we had hundreds! (Miss Priss loved to rub them on her face to soothe herself!)