Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Mama

Yesterday was a day like any other day. The children came home from school and begged to swim in our pool. I relented. It was 80*F outside and beautifully sunny. The big 4 had a ball playing games and swimming. I cleaned our cushions with Clorox while they played. Since Clorox can easily take the color out of your clothes, I shed my pants. No worries, our back yard is walled and only those on a second floor could look down and see. For all the world knew, I had on a bathing suit and t-shirt. When it was time to come in, I asked the children to clean up their toys and get out of the pool. I have not even put my feet in the pool this year because the water is too cold. As they were drying off, I ran and jumped in the pool in my t-shirt and undies & swam to the side. The children LOVED it! They laughed & screamed and shared their towels. I scored MAJOR COOL MOMMY points. We went inside, and I heard them excitedly exclaim, "I can't WAIT to go to school & tell my teacher Mama jumped in the pool in her UNDERWEAR!!" Great. That is JUST what she needs to hear. Never mind that I had on a t-shirt too. Hilarious.

However, I think my friend, B, has me beat. She was new to a town and the minister's wife came over to take her to lunch. Her children excitedly answered the door saying, "We've been SKINNY DIPPING!". First impressions, folks, first impressions.

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Kappa Prep said...

You are such a wonderful and fun mother A!!