Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Apparently I started a trend in our household a year ago or more. Unfortunately, I only partially remember it! Our children reminded me this morning that the LEPRECHAUNS make their beds on St. Patrick's Day & leave GOLD on their pillow! So, Mama Henley raced to WACHOVIA to obtain some gold dollars. I dropped some green clover cookies at the school and then found out that last year they received a quarter and a penny for the gold. Oh well! This year the leprechaun is the only one NOT affected by the recession, and he is leaving gold dollars!! You might want to try it at your house, but be smarter than I was. Make sure the leprochans leave word that you MUST make your bed instead of that you must leave it unmade! I am off to make beds & drop some gold!


pink green & southern said...

What a FUN tradition!

Mags said...

Great tradition!!!

Kappa Prep said...

How fun! I love this idea. I hope everyone is feeling better and that you are surviving!