Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to pack your family for a weekend away

DH & I love to travel, and will take any opportunity to hop in the car and take the children on an adventure. Therefore, I have become quite proficient at packing for trips! If at all possible, plan your stay at a place where you will have access to a washer and dryer. Some hotels offer coin laundry machines. Others, like Canyon Ranch, have a laundry room that guests are allowed to use freely during their visit. Of course it is ideal to stay in a house or condo that has a washer and dryer readily available in your accommodations. Being able to wash clothes is key when traveling with children!

We just returned from a weekend away, so I will share an idea of what we packed. We did not have the ability to wash clothes on this trip, so I took a little more than normal. We have small canvas bags for each child. They stack easily and hold enough clothes for a weekend trip and can usually hold their blanket and pillow as well. For longer trips, I love the LL Bean Adventure Duffle bag.

Girls' bags:
-4 pairs underwear (we swim to change underwear frequently)
-1 angel sleeve nightgown/1 pair long-sleeved pajamas (did not know how cold our room would be)
-2 pairs socks
-1 pair Crocs for the beach and pool
-1 pair sandals for eating out, shopping, etc.
-1 hat for sunny days on the beach
-1 cover up
-2 bathing suits
-1 swim shirt
-1 pair goggles
-1 pair casual shorts... soffies to some of you
-1 pair cute Two Friends gingham shorts
-1 play t-shirt
-1 plain white t-shirt
-1 Lilly dress
-1 pr. Lilly pants
-1 light Lilly sweater
-hairbows, brush, toothbrush
-1 Leapster
-1 book

Had we had access to a washer and dryer, I would have brought 2 pairs of undies and 1 nightgown

For our son, I packed:
-2 pairs casual elastic waist shorts
-1 pair Vineyard Vines blue shorts
-1 belt
-3 pairs underwear
-2 pairs socks
-1 pair short pajamas, 1 pair long pajamas
-2 casual t-shirts (1 short sleeves, 1 long sleeves)
-2 polo shirts
-1 Vineyard Vines sweatshirt or light sweater
-2 bathing suits
-1 swim shirt
-1 pair crocs
-1 pair Rainbows
-I think he may need a pair of loafers for eating out on trips, but crocs are fine at the beach
-1 Leapster
-1 book

In an extra large LL Bean Tote Bag (Lands End sells them too), I carried 7 beach towels (one for each of us), our nebulizer, albuterol, cough medicine, Benadryl, motrin, tylenol, cups, sippy cups, pacifiers for H, sunscreen, and Zyrtec.

We always carry a small cooler with milk for H & K. We stopped and bought bottled water, turkey, cheese sticks, crackers, and fruit for snacks and lunches for the children in the room.

I hope this helps!

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Hi, thanks so much for your post. I found it through an internet search :) I'm a mom of 16 mos triplets (GBB) and I'm packing our family up for a christmas trip. I'm a little worried about the details. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!
Here's my email so we can talk more details,