Monday, May 31, 2010

Cute Camp Idea!

If you are sending your son or daughter off to camp, there are lots of fun ideas of things to do. I always send our children with new stationary from Preppy Paper Girl and fun things like a set of glow in the dark bracelets to share with their friends. I have been known to send pictures of their siblings, friends, grandparents, and us parents too. One fun idea is to make a collage of pictures or simply to put several pictures through a laminating machine. This way the pictures do not get wet and your child can enjoy them all summer long! You can also write sweet messages around the pictures. Enjoy!

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Just Kiddin' Photography said...

Oh, my gosh! You are AT camp with her? Are your girls just campers or do you also work there? Please give her a huge, huge hug for me! I miss her so much. It's crazy...I've been away from her before (like the two weeks I was in the hospital two months ago!) but I've NEVER missed her this much! Dropping her off in the pouring rain broke my heart! Thank you so much for commenting!