Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of the Year Gift for your Teacher

It's that time! The end of the school year is HERE! At this time of year, most of us like to thank our teachers. A large cash gift or gift card is always appreciated as teachers can always use a special treat. However, you may want to be a bit more creative. You can go to a place like Color Me Mine in Hyde Park and make a special plate or bowl with the handprints of the entire class.

Another idea is to have an artist like the famous Kennedi Benjamin help your class make a cooperative art project. If you're interested in her contact info, please leave me your email address in the comments section. She can help your class create an AMAZING piece of art for their teacher. Below are some samples of Kennedi Benjamin's other works.

We made photo books for our teachers. The books hold pictures of every child in the class participating in events throughout the year. This is something teachers will treasure for years to come.

A few years ago our class created a precious photo tote bag. You can submit photos or artwork to LL Bean and they will create a wonderful bag for you! What individual or class gifts do you give your children's teachers?


sevenalstons said...

I usually do gift cards for the teachers. This year, for a really special teacher (of my daughter with special needs), I'm doing a piece of jewelry that will in some way incorporate the seven kids in her class from
I'm definitely interested in hearing more about the artist and what she does!

kay said...

I work with children during the year as a one on one paraprofessional for special needs children, and all gifts are very much appreciated!

Valerie said...

This year I purchased tiny Willow Tree ornaments that showed the angel holding a placard that read "2010" as a way to remember Mary Catherine and her classmates.

I always loved receiving gift cards from my students, but the greatest gift ever was from my student teaching class. They presented me with a wall quilt that had each student's hand drawn face transferred to it. The students used mirrors to draw themselves and then special wax crayons to color in. My cooperating teacher than sewed loops on the top out of "ruler" ribbon and strung a thick-diameter dowel rod, painted like a giant pencil, through the loops.

I hung it up EVERY year that I taught! My favorite gift ever!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I made them peach cobblers in a pretty stoneware casserole dish & gave them each a box of peaches.

bevy said...

As a teacher... I love a gift card! But my favorite gift so far - ever! - was a Teacher Appreciation Week card my students this year gave me. They sneaked the card around the class and each wrote a little NOTE on it! It is precious!!!