Friday, June 25, 2010

Fat Friday / 220 East Restaurant

Dh and I love to find good restaurants. We especially love to support local restaurants as we feel it does the most good for our community. Do you try to buy and eat local food? I've had trouble finding a co-op here in Florida, which was most surprising, but I love it when you can order fresh local food delivered to your door each week. It definitely encourages good eating habits. Anyway, tonight we tried a restaurant that is new to us called 220 East on Davis Island. What a treasure! The food was fresh and delicious and very reasonable. Somehow the owners have managed to create a place that is inviting and romantic for a date night yet loud and comfortable enough for 2 families with 8 children between us to dine happily in the corner. The children's meals were reasonable at $5 each, which included a drink and dessert. They were also large enough to share if one chose chicken fingers or one of the larger choices. The blackened grouper sandwich was prepared perfectly and we were able to add a house salad as opposed to french fries for just $1.50. What a treat! It is always fun to visit Davis Island and we happily obliged and let the children enjoy an ice cream cone at Java and Bean as well! If you're ever in Tampa, you should try 220 East! I know we'll go back!


Seersucker Scrapper said...

Sounds yummy!!

Imjustagirl said...

Can't wait to try there!! There are a few co-op place on this side of the bay they maybe able to direct you to some where closer to you!