Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We've had a happy 24 hours of firsts. Our youngest began preschool yesterday. She started last year at age 2. Somehow she seemed so BIG yesterday and I just wept before we even left the house. When we arrived at her school, which she LOVES, she broke down and began sobbing and did not want to go. It was all I could do to not pick her up, hold her in my arms, whisk her away, and tell her she never had to leave my side again. She tears up the house and has big tantrums for a little girl, but oh, how I love and adore every single minute we spend together! Thankfully she enjoyed school and it was over before I knew it and she was in my arms again!

Today our little one had her first ballet class. She has watched her older siblings in all kinds of activities. She has worn a little leotard for the better part of the last year. She couldn't wait to twirl and dance like the big girls. And twirl and dance she did! She LOVED it!! I loved watching our little ballerina in class with her 2 double named best friends! AS, AC, and AH are all in class together! How cute is that?!

This afternoon our Bug began her ballet class. She took last year, but it was so fun to see her excited to be back. She said she wants to dance every year until she grows up. Whatever you want, sweet first grade baby! I love seeing her so confident. She holds her neck and back so beautifully.

Our big girls have waited patiently and missed out on a lot of activities. It was finally THEIR turn. They are going to have their FIRST ballet class tomorrow. I can't wait to post pics! However, tonight they tried their FIRST acting and voice class. They truly enjoyed it and were little naturals. Unfortunately, I think our schedule is not going to allow them to take right now, but we hope to in the future!

What a day of firsts! Tomorrow our Boy will begin golf lessons again! I wish I could be the FIRST to bed!


Imjustagirl said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!! Your girls look so sweet!! and I have to laugh about wanting to be the first to bed!! Ha!!

North of 25A said...

Congratulations and all the best for such precious firsts!

JMW said...

How adorable! My 5-year-old started her second round of ballet lessons yesterday. She was so excited!

Beth Dunn said...

I'm so with you! All I want to do is cry this week

Black Labs and Lilly said...

So glad to hear that the Henley's are enjoying a wonderful back to school season so far!!! Little girls in ballet class are always so sweet!!!

A Big Little Life said...

It doesn't get any easier! I just moved down to Tampa and my mom and I both cried like babies. Did I mention I'm 23?

Valerie said...

Fun times, but oh so busy!

I find myself in a similar place and had to smile at your post as Mary Catherine just had her "first" ballet class last night too! This is not her first year with this teacher, but the first time to take "real" ballet or studio lessons; you know complete with a uniform of pink tights, black leotard and hair in bun! Of course her "first" soccer practice had to be on the same night. *sigh*

Been enjoying all sorts of "firsts" with our LAST born, Luke. He made his arrival at the end of July so I haven't been blogging or visiting quite as much. Always enjoy stopping by your blog when I do, though!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! Mr. Dontre - watch out!! xoxo - Va

CRICKET said...

It seems like its a week for first, I can;t believe I let my child ride the bus for the first time this week!

I have a friend who had freezer pb&'s and I think she is still traumatized by them...

bevy said...

What a busy day/week of "firsts"! Sometimes I feel that with children, EVERY DAY is a day of "firsts"!