Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Good Morning, y'all!!! DH and I had the best dinner out last night to celebrate knowing each other for 20 years! With the bad economy, people are eating out less. People are also using coupons more. I have always been a coupon queen, though there are many who have mastered the art as well or better than I have. However, for those of you who are new to using coupons, you may like to know some tips. Even if you don't need to save, it's always nice to have extra money in your own pocket instead of in the grocery store's proverbial pocket!
When you walk around your local store, take note of blinkies, which come out of the small machines and are located near certain products. Resist the urge to use the coupon right away unless you need that item for something you are making that week. Most likely that item will go on sale in the new future and you can use your blinkie then and save an even higher percentage on that item.
You will also notice that some items carry coupons on them that you peel off of the package. Keep your eyes open for these. These are called peelies.
At the register sometimes a coupon will print. These are called "Catalinas". This is another coupon you can save for future purchases. If you shop at Publix, Target, CVS, Walmart, Harris Teeter and most other stores, you can use a STORE coupon with a MANUFACTURER'S coupon to further your savings. Sometimes this results in an item being free for you!
Be sure to read any local newspapers or catalogs that you receive. Often they will have coupons as well. A local paper has $5 off $50 of groceries. I used 3 yesterday to save $15 off of $150 of groceries! The groceries would have cost over $300, but I used coupons to get them down to $150 and then saved $15 more! That's a lot of savings!! Think of it as saving up for a new pair of Revas!
If your children like Chick Fil A, they are GREAT about coupons. Ours prints them in a local circular. The best part is that Chick Fil A will take expired coupons. They will also take coupons that are designated for another store. They will even allow you to use more than 1 coupon at a time!
I hope you have a great Tuesday and save some $$$$!!!!


Imjustagirl said...

Wow! I never see Chickfila coupons!! I will have to look

The B Family said...

I seriously need to get in on this couponing thing. Did you take a class or use an online resource to learn? If so, please share! I would love to know more about how to use coupons!

mFw said...

That is amazing!!! You have such great ideas! I'm also hosting a giveaway right now!

Sammy said...

I love the tips! I'm trying harder to save money these day too.

Travelbugmom said...

Hi Mama Henley,
May I mention restaurants.com is and AWESOME site to check b4 you go out to eat. They offer DEALS usually $25 off your dinner check if you pay $10 for the coupon....so you are saving $15. But, sometimes, they offer these same coupons for $4! Most are not valid on Friday or Saturday, but last night you and your hubs went out on a Monday....perfect! Check it out!

Donna said...

Love saving with coupons! Good job!! I posted today about a great birthday gift I found for my daughter in a consignment shop....another good way to save.