Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today was planned MONTHS AGO. I had planned to board a plane and fly to a destination to which I had never been, to meet 4 women whom I have never met in person. Plans were put in place, emails were exchanged, and ferry schedules were secured. I could not WAIT to hug the cute necks of Bevy, Jess, KK, and Gabi!!! I could not wait to meet this FAB FOUR in person. After all, I know all about their struggles, their triumphs, their families, and their dreams. We have connected in the blog world and become fast friends.

Sometimes life does not go as planned. This weekend, reserved months ago, was suddenly filled with obligations. The obligations are all happy ones, but I realized a few weeks ago that I needed to be here. Tomorrow I will help with our school bake sale. Tonight I will help our littles as they work through their homework. I am happy to be here where I am needed. However, I am sad that my dream did not come to fruition. It's tough when that happens.

Nonetheless, I can always see God's hand in things. He knew my husband's schedule for this week. He knew how many things would break and need repair men at our house. He knew that a child would struggle with school and really need me. He knew it all.

This afternoon I called my sweet friends. They greeted me with loud yells and happy screams. Their meeting began with bloody mary's on the ferry. And I was not there. KK sent me a fabulous gift. She has no idea how perfect it because I had one just like it that recently broke! Thank you, KK. I sent virtual hugs to my virtual friends. I hung up the phone and cried. I cried because I was sad to miss it, not because I'm in the wrong place. I know I'm supposed to be here. But it is sad. And it hurts. And one day, I'm going to make this virtual friendship a reality.

You girls have so much FUN!!!!!!!! And get to blogging!!!!!


Pink Prayer Journal said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to meet our blogging friends! :( I hope your family appreciates your sacrifices, as I'm sure they do. XXOO

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

AW! Sorry that you were not able to meet up this time...but hopefully you will get to soon...
And yes, you are at the right place and time. Here's to many, many wonderful moments while you are at home...and that your weekend is a happy & blessed one!

Blessings & Aloha!
(just was checking out my dashboard and saw your post on my google reader thingy of the blogs that I follow...but with my "very limited" free blog time, I am doing well to get one post up a week and reply to those that comment at my place! Looking forward to coming back on a day off from work :o)

North of 25A said...

I am sorry that you did not get to go, but I trust that you did the right thing & whenever you "do the next right thing" things seem to turn out just fine.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh I am so sorry you missed meeting your friends! But it sounds like it was important to stay at home. Hopefully next time you will be there to toast with bloody mary's too!!

The Mrs. said...

Well I am sitting here bawling and not just because UP is on. I wish you could have gone but I know you had to be there. MOtherhood is so full of moments like these, there will be other times. Other opportunities with bloggers. I swear!

Travelbugmom said...

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theaikenite said...

Its hard to make a good choice sometimes...I'm sure you knew what was best for your family. I love the story of how each of you have become friends through blogging...

Travelbugmom said...

OH MY, I just re-read my comment this morning and I realized I wrote that after a glass [or two] of wine and I guess I was a little giddy! Just wanted to keep your spirits up! Sorry you couldn't go!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

You precious girl! I just read this out loud to everyone and we all have tissues and we are tearing up. We miss you so much and, although we are having fun, we feel a big hole as you are not with us!!!


Tickled Pink Talk said...

AH, this is a fab post. Bevy just read it aloud to us and we are all in tears. You are such a dear. And you are soooo missed. We WILL most definitely meet in person...SOON! You are an amazing wife and mother and right where you need to be right now. I am thrilled that you love your gift. When you look at it know that only minutes stand between all of us and our next fab got together. All my love, KK

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Oh Mama H,
We are here with our tissues... Yes, I took pictures! Bevvy read your post an I ran to the bathroom to grab a wad of toilet paper so that we could wipes our noses and dry our eyes. We miss you tons and wish you could be here! We talk about you all the time... we had a bloody for you, a cocktail for you and will have more for you tonight.

You are a fabulous, wonderful mother and we WILL do this again. ALL together.

Meanwhile I hope you school event goes fabulously and the 11 pound cakes raise raise millions! ;)

Love you and Miss you!!!
XOXO Jessica

Imjustagirl said...

So sad you missed your fun weekend!!:(

CRICKET said...

I have a similar situation and the best way is to embrace it like you are - Gracefully.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a poem that used to hang in my Mother's room. The first line is "A Mother's Love is Sacrafice" I will do a post and dedicate the poem to us Moms.

Jennifer said...

so sorry you missed the get moms we sacrifice many times for our kids and will all pay off w rewards in heaven and like prov 31..your children call you blessed! Love, Jennifer akaGigi