Monday, September 6, 2010

Thank you for a 3 Day Weekend

WOW! I don't think DH & I have felt this refreshed in a very long time. We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed not having to be up super early on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Our littles let us sleep past 7, and it felt good! Yesterday we had a great morning at church followed by the BEST beignets, bacon, and fruit salad at the home of some sweet friends. The conversatioin was interesting and it was precious to see our children playing with theirs! It rained just as we were leaving, so we came home for a relaxing afternoon and swim after the rain ceased.
The children are taking piano lessons and it is wonderful to hear them practice throughout the day! This morning the Hurricane let us sleep until about 7:30am, and then it was time to be up! We went to a local Yacht Club on the beach with fabulous friends and enjoyed lots of beach time and pool time and a fabulous buffet. There is something about the smell of those little buffet burners that makes me smile. Odd, I know. The children played fantastically well, and we all left happy and tired.
We ate Chick Fil A in the car on the way home so that everyone could hurry to bed. Some practiced piano while we read with others. All had big hugs and kisses, and nighttime prayers. They are blissfully asleep before a big day of school tomorrow!
I have been wrestling with my laptop which has decided to quit working using its Airport connection at home. Grrr.... I am not happy when my laptop won't work!
Off to bed to make a mama healthy, wealthy*, and wise!

*This mama is wealthy in the many blessings she calls husband and children.

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The 5 Bickies said...

sounds like a great weekend! Glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy fun with friends.