Thursday, December 2, 2010


December is here. Like it or not, the streets are busier, malls are wild, and your to-do list just increased with things like wrapping, decorating, and buying. No matter how we try, December tends to be a busier month than a sweet, slow, cold month like January (unless you're heavily involved in Gasparilla, and then I don't know when you slow down!). Our minds are filled with things to check off the list... did I buy that doll? Where can I find the DSi case? What in the world should I send Great Aunt Martha?
The good news is that Christmas is always on December 25th. That date never changes, so we have a year to plan. I try to spread out our spending by shopping year round. It seems to help. However, no matter how hard I try, I have plenty on my plate in December. This rushing around to find Junior the perfect gift is not wrong.
But we need to SLOW DOWN. We need to stop and remember what it is that we are celebrating. What is the true meaning of Christmas for you? For Mama Henley's house, we are preparing our hearts and minds to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our SAVIOR! What a miracle He is. What a gift. The gift of a relationship with Christ is better and longer-lasting than any toy or gadget. I am so thankful for this gift.
However, I often get caught up in my list and focus on that rather than HIM. This year, I am praying that we will all slow down. I am praying that we will savor every day and not get caught up in the hustle and bustle. I want this year to be about the birth of Jesus, not about who has the best and earliest Christmas card or who has the prettiest festive outfit or who decorates like Town and Country. I am praying that my eyes will be on Him, and that I will enjoy my family this season instead of pushing them to the side to check more off of my to-do list. I struggle with putting the world first and Christ second. How do you balance and keep your focus on the true meaning of Christmas?


Preppy Little Dress said...

So true!!!! Great post!

Travelbugmom said...

First of meant Town and Country MAGAZINE? right? hahaha

The ONE thing we make sure we do EVERY year is put our manger sets in the closet LAST so no matter how behind we are on decorating, shopping, card writing, we have no excuse to pull the manger out on the first day of Advent. We have a few with different histories, but it doesn't matter. Each day, as you enter my home or sit in the family room the manger scene is there to remind us what this time of year is all about!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Very nice! We think the same thing too, and every once in while (like during christmas light hanging), we have to stop and remind ourselves WHY we hang the lights in the first place.

My favorite though is in the morning rush, my three year old is SO excited to open a new door on her advent calendar. It reminds us to slow down, take time out of mornign and talk with Lallie about Christmas and the ultimate gift.

A Big Little Life said...

So very important to remember! It is easy to get caught up in all the craziness and forget what we are truly celebrating!

Donna said... are preaching to the choir...and yet I still have a house full of "stuff"!! Too many gift that I want to give everyone. But the first thing I get out is a basket of nativity books for the kids so we can read together. The nativity set is child friendly so they can interact and we can tell the story. Thanks for a great reminder post!!

bevy said...

So love this time of year... Love the busyness and excitement. But also love the time of preparation and waiting for His birth. It's like waiting for that special guest to arrive!

Grateful for Grace said...

It is difficult to do this day and age.

One way is that we don't watch movies that are Santa focused. We feel like that just keeps pointing to where all the media is pointing and it's not to Christ.

Another way is that we are sure to have the Little People nativity set out and hands on. We talk about it. We talk about Jesus' birthday.

A third way is that we just say no to some activities. I look at the calendar and if there is not a night free... that's too much! If there are only two nights free... too much!

We also watch The Nativity. We edit some of the scenes for the little ones, but this is a great way to reinforce the Christmas story.

It's such a special season!!

Merry Christmas, Mama Henley!