Monday, December 6, 2010

A Truly Grateful Heart

I believe in the power of the written word. Stationery and pens are my friends. I love them. I can sit and stare at a display of pens or papers for hours. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment after penning a letter to someone you love. I believe in prompt thank you notes so that the giver knows the depth of your gratefulness. Wouldn't you know I am still behind on my October birthday thank yous? It kills me, but I have somehow not quite finished. My apologies to those I have not treated well. It really is not due to a lack of thankfulness! It is due to doing too many things at once and not finishing something well!

We recently celebrated a friend's birthday over dessert. DH and I were overwhelmed by the fine thank you note this gentleman sent us on Crane's paper. Yes, the friend was a male and yes, HE wrote a thank you note. He wrote it promptly. He wrote it well. Chivalry is not dead. We are so honored to call him our friend!


Anonymous said...

chivalry is definitely not dead! i too am a believer in sending heartfelt thank you notes and reading the printed word (i like to think i'm keeping the am new york and hearst magazines in business!). xoxox

Bama Girl said...

So true, Mama Henley, the written word cannot be replaced with email and such. I mailed off three thankyou cards today. I love sending - and receiving - them in the mail.
When I was in charge of new hires (my old life), I generally only hired those who followed up after the interview with a handwritten thank you note. XOXO