Friday, December 10, 2010

Fat Friday!

If you have not been to Philadelphia or the Main Line, you need to go. What an absolute treat to visit my dear friend, Julia, back in October. Wow! What a city. I enjoyed my time there immensely. The Main Line in incredible. Each home is more beautiful and interesting than the last. Of course Julia and David own the prettiest house of all. I loved the interesting architecture and gorgeous yards. It is also fun to see all of the universities and private schools and old churches in the area. I can't wait to go back!

While I was there, David treated us to a FABULOUS dinner at Barclay Prime. David was fortunate enough to secure tickets to see the Phillies in their final game, so he sent us to dinner with Julia's precious friend, Katie. The three of us had the best time at Rittenhouse Square's finest. Barclay Prime was quite a treat!
How fun that Katie knew our server from years prior! We began our evening in the bar where we had a fabulous St. Germaine (elderflower) cocktail with pineapple juice, St. Germaine, and vodka. I was introduced to elderflower by Julia on this trip, and I am a believer! After drinks, we were escorted to the fabulous dining room.

The dining room felt so very "Mad Men". I kept waiting for Don Draper to walk through the door. He did not, but I would not have been surprised! Julia ordered a wonderful fish from Australia. I had a fabulous wedge salad and the filet. I couldn't entice anyone to split the filet with me, as it was more than enough meat. The filet was prepared perfectly, and we enjoyed our sides served family style. The sides included truffle whipped potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and creamed spinach. Every bite was scrumptious! We left very happy girls! I was so thankful David was generous enough to send us to such a wonderful restaurant, but we did miss his company!
I can hardly wait to get back to Philly. I hope you'll visit Barclay Prime if given the chance!


bevy said...

Travel bug... You are all over the place these days! Glad you are having such fun! I, on the other hand, am lounging in front of my fire these days. Can't campaign about that either!

Beth Dunn said...

I grew up on the Main Line, I love it!

Travelbugmom said...

We live very close to where you were.....and went to a few Phillies games during playoffs in OCT. Wonder if we were in the stadium at the same time! Have eaten at MANY philadelphia restaurants, but never Barclay. It will be added to our list!

alanna said...

I'll have to try that restaurant when I make it down to Philadelphia in 2011!! (Especially if it has a madmen like atmosphere!)