Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

I am blessed with two wonderful sisters-in-law!! A is very clever and I learn something new from her all of the time. We recently stayed at their home, and H & M had a FABULOUS time together. They are just 7 months apart, so it is so fun to see the cousins together. Of course H wanted to take a bath at M's house, so I indulged her. What fun it was for H to play with all new bath toys! I loved A's clever idea for holding bath toys. Perched on the side of the tub was a plastic colander. It held all of M's bath toys. The brilliant part is that it easily accommodated all of M's toys AND IT LET THE WATER DRAIN OUT once you clean up the tub!! Fabulous idea!! I just loved it and can't wait to buy one for our tub. The toy net that we have will not stay attached to the wall. The colander allows for easy clean up, and if you don't have a large ledge on your tub, the colander could always go under the sink. Enjoy this Tuesday's Tip!

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