Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Ark

I am about to start building an ark. Instead of animals 2 by two, we're going to have little people and lizards two by two. It has rained. And RAINED. And RAINED some more. Our street is flooded, our pool is overflowing, and I am cooped up with 7 little people. Yes, you read that correctly. SEVEN. I thought it would be a good idea to have a playdate for 2 of the 5 children, because you know, what's 2 more? IN THE RAIN. Hmmmm Maybe I lacked a bit of judgement on that one! Little H decided it was not a good day for napping, despite the sound of the RAIN and the calming effects of the darker sky. So, now we are building our ark. What would your ark have? Mine is going to have a special "Mommy closet"... a room where I can go & no one else can come in while I FB and blog from the boat.

In all seriousness, despite the RAIN (did I mention it's raining here?) and the flooding it has brought with it, we've had a pretty good day. Now I doubt our 2 guests will nominate me for Mommy of the year based on my constant efforts to make everyone clean up, but we've had a pretty good time. I've also managed to strip 4 beds and wash the sheets, coverlets, etc. and put them back on the beds. I have one set left in the dryer & then that task will be complete. I've made a huge batch of chili for the weekend and I've accomplished some other household chores. Hopefully it will quit raining and I'll enjoy taking at least 5 munchkins to the store where some stranger is likely to ask, "Are they all YOURS?", to which I will reply, "Of course not. I always try to find a whole passel of children to bring with me to the grocery store. I mean, what could be more fun?"


Imjustagirl said...

Ha! The rain has been crazy! I just hope it stops before the weekend.

EntertainingMom said...

is it lightning out there? you need to send them all out to do a rain dance... let them get all soaking wet and then dry them off and give them some hot cocoa! My kids love to play in the rain. When they were little they would run out in the rain naked, and in their boots! It was so cute.
I've done a good bit of cleaning too... lots of laundry still to fold and some ironing and vacuuming to do... little one is climbing the stairs... I must run... and hide!!!

pink green & southern said...

It is raining cats and dogs here to, My vegetable garden does not like and neither do I. If you see us on the news, it is because my girls have killed each other cooped up in this house!

Kappa Prep said...

Oh my goodness, while you get all the rain we get the dry heat! Have fun on your Arc, I LOVE the idea of a Mommy closet and special room!