Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Bug

We were told we couldn't have children, and so we prayed and prayed about what to do. We felt led to fertility treatments, and pursued them cautiously. Our triplets were a great surprise and blessing, as I have posted in the past here and here. What a blessing to be given three little angels. As crazy as it may sound, we didn't feel like our family was full and we prayed for more children. The doctors let us know that we would probably not be able to have another child without fertility treatments. DH & I were ready for more babies, and did not do anything to prevent the possibility of a baby, though I had never been pregnant without medical intervention. On a very cold December day, in the midst of the worst ice storm in the history of NC, I took a pregnancy test at Target. Now let me tell you something, this was not unusual. I was so hopeful for another baby that I took HUNDREDS of those tests over the years. They were always negative. So the fact that I took one when I was just a few days late was just par for the course! Imagine my surprise when it was POSITIVE!!!!!

And so began the path that led us to our BUG. Buggy was a great JOY, born just 2 years after the triplets. The night she was born, the nurse told us, "THIS is a particularly FUSSY baby!" I asked if she could be hungry, and she said, "No." I finally fed that sweet baby, and she hardly ever cried after that. Our Bug was an EASY, HAPPY, Funny baby. Her sense of humor was evident at an early age. She possesses a spunk and pizzazz for life that very few have. Not only is she funny, but she is kind. At school, our Bug is often the one who reaches out to the new child in her class. She is a leader around peers who are younger. As a baby, we called her our "mensa baby" because she was so smart. That baby has brought us so much joy, and we just loved that she was a shock, a surprise, a miracle.

Today marks the day that our Bug entered this world 6 years ago. I can hardly believe she is already six. In fact, it makes me cry thinking about it. She is beautiful, kind, loves Jesus, loves being part of a big family, and is very funny and smart. As she began opening gifts this morning, she happily played with each thing and hugged her siblings with so much enthusiasm! She is a delight. We are so thankful for this little angel, who graced our lives on July 28, 2003. Thank you, Lord, for our Bug. Thank you for the gift she is to our family. Please, Lord, bless her, protect her, grow her into a woman who puts you first in all things. Happy 6th birthday, BUGABOO!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, cutie!!!

AHarbin88 said...

Happy belated birthday!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Birthday!

What a precious addition to your lovely family.

Blessings & Aloha!