Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Artist Ben Johnson

Years ago DH and I discovered an artist we just LOVED. We are not Art History majors or owners of a huge collection of priceless art, but we fell in love with Ben Johnson's work. His paintings evoked great feelings in each of us. Someone told us to buy art that evokes feeling in you, not necessarily what everyone else says you should buy. Our favorite art work in our home is our paintings of our children by Art Gallery Originals. Our favorite artist of things other than our children is Ben Johnson. (One day we also want to own a large Kennedi Benjamin painting as she is another great artist who has also become a wonderful friend!) When we first discovered him in 2004 in Martha's Vineyard, he was painting a lot of paintings of sheep. With our strong belief in a Savior who is known as the Great Shepherd, these paintings had both personal and spiritual meaning to us.

Imagine my surprise when DH bought our favorite painting from the Field Gallery for a surprise anniversary gift for me. I absolutely could not believe it! First of all, we were the proud parents of 2 year old triplets and a baby, so art was not a priority. I also could not get over the fact that DH was so thoughtful... or that I now owned a piece of Ben Johnson's artwork! It first lived on the wall in our Master bedroom just above our bed. It was a reminder of how the Heavenly Spirit holds us up each day, no matter what we are going through at the time. It was also a sweet picture of 2 people (sheep) who love each other, nuzzled closely together, with one supporting the other. I love it. Today it proudly hangs in our dining room!

I just read that Ben Johnson's new works will be on display beginning tomorrow at the Field Gallery in Martha's Vineyard. I wish I could go! He has some interesting new landscapes and still life paintings. He has been painting a lot of birds as his interests have turned towards Ornithology.

I think these 2 landscapes are also gorgeous. His paintings are so peaceful and calm. I just love them!

I hope you'll visit his website. However, if the painting of the 6 sheep is still available, please don't buy it! It's on my "Dream On, Baby, it's Never Gonna Happen" list!!!!


Bygone Sensibilities said...

Lovely artwork. Isn't it nice to find art (or music, or literature) that speaks to you in such a personal way?

Bygone Sensibilities

Tara said...

Wow, those are really beautiful. It's so funny to hear you talk about loving the sheep, because Hubby and I were also in search of a piece of artwork we saw last year (and passed up) that featured a shepperd with his sheep on a hillside. Sadly, it was sold, but we were directed towards a similar piece which turned out to be perfect for our living room.

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Beautiful art! I'm definitely going to have to check out the artist. I love the sheep. Your painting is lovely!