Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Tip!

Better late than never... it's STILL Tuesday for 36 more minutes! My friend, Nancy, throws fabulous parties. She is always so creative in her table decorations. Everything is always absolutely perfect with no detail left unturned, much like the pirate party our friend, R, just threw. They both have a gift. Nancy is full of great party ideas and is also a great decorator. It's really not fair that she has so much talent.
Well, Nancy shared an idea with me that inspired this Tuesday's Tip. Sometimes we are planning big events like a party, luncheon, or Progressive Dinner, and there is just no way that we can leave every detail to be completed on the day of the event. Something must be accomplished in advance. We often sit and think, "If only I could set the table early, then I wouldn't have to worry on the day of the party!" Well, ladies, we CAN! Nancy sets her table early in the week and then drapes a clean sheet across the dishes so that no dust lands on the plates or in the glasses. Incredible idea! Of course you will need to not have plans to use your dining room in the days prior to your event, but I just love this idea! Happy Fall, Y'ALL!!!


mFw said...

Great tip!! Love these!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Great tip. Though setting a table is my favorite part of a dinner event. When I was first out of college and in a small apartment, we never sat at our dining room table. So I used it as my personal "play" room and dressed up that table all the time. For no good reason other than I thought it was fun. My roommate thought I was so funny to spend so much time fussing over a room we never used. We ate in front of the tv but I always had that dining room dressed to the nines.

Gwennie said...

I do that! Especially at big meals like Thanksgiving. I get to tweak the table for several days.