Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day at the Farm

Our youngest, Hurricane, had the most fun field trip on Friday! We were able to visit a local farm called "Horsepower for Kids". It was the neatest place! The farm was filled with horses and all kinds of farm animals. They even had some more exotic animals like a llama! We had a wonderful morning "out in the country".

Life is so different for our children. As children, we had some electronics like Merlin, Math Professor, and Atari, but we were not inundated with them. Our lives were spent playing games outside like Tag, Red Rover, and Mother May I. We rode bikes, made potions, and played boys against the girls. Today's children spend less time in free play and more time in structured activities or with the tv, computer, or a handheld electronic device. Our morning at the farm was so precious because it allowed the children to enjoy God's beautiful creation. He made us! He also made donkeys, zebra, goats, pigs,and chickens!

The children delighted in chasing chickens, feeding carrots to the goats, and even riding ponies (we had to leave before the pony rides commenced!). Did you know goats like carrots? I did not, but apparently they do! One big goat literally chased us for the carrots we had brought to feed the horses!


Hines-Sight said...

Well put!

Donna said...

Looks like a fun day!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I loved playing with animals as I kid much more than sitting at the computer!! I drove my parents nuts begging them to take me to petting zoos all the time!