Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Law too Loose for DUI?

A few weeks ago a drunk driver drove down our street and slammed into DH's car. Upon impact, her car was totaled. The story is hard to type, but she tried to escape, further damaging the property of others and her car. When her car would no longer move, she hopped out and ran away. For 2 hours, she managed to elude police until finally our neighbor found her and she was arrested. Despite the fact that we saw her driving the car and crashing into 3 things, the policeman did not check her blood alcohol level. This woman was driving with a suspended license, no insurance and a stolen tag with a sticker from someone else's car on it. She spent a whopping 6 hours in jail and was out on $250 bond. We spent more on our deductible to fix DH's car than she did no her bond. Wow.
As we slept innocently in our own home, she hurt our car, which in turn saved her life. Ahead were 2 huge trees and water. She never saw our car, so she never hit the brakes. She truly could have killed herself.
Today our newspaper speaks of a dentist named Moye who killed 2 people in October as he drove 89 miles per hour on a 30 mph bridge. 89 miles an hour!!!! He struck and killed 2 pedestrians who were walking on the bridge. He was arrogant when he was arrested and had no idea his foolishness had killed two people. His good time ended the lives on 2 people in their 20s.
Those of you from Raleigh have watched the sentencing of a Raleigh plastic surgeon who killed a young ballerina 2 years ago. What can we do to strengthen our laws so that this does not continue to happen? Why is it that we have repeat offenders? Both the dentist and doctor had previous records of speeding or DUI, I believe. What can we do to prevent this? Why does the law seem to protect the person who is drinking and driving more than it protects the innocent victims? Please join me in taking a cab if no one in your car is truly sober enough to drive. It's just not worth it to take someone else's life. I pray I never make the same mistake.


carolinagirl said...

Totally agree with those last two statements. Wish I had the answer!

A Big Little Life said...

Goodness! That is so unfortunate. Sounds like one of those things that happens and you say "Really?! I could have done without that one."

Wendy said...

We have had a lot of unfortunate situations were DUI's were involved. I honestly don't know how we can strengthen the laws here is Florida.
I just do my part and we always have a designated driver.

Greer's Gossip said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving yours as well.

I have heard of a lot of DUI situations around our area lately as well. A friend of mine was actually on his way home from work on Friday when a drunk driver hit him. He had his 3 young boys in the car as well and from looking at the pictures, it was a miracle they made it out not seriously hurt.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

It really is horrible that drunk drivers get away with so much! I worry about drunk drivers more than anything else while in the car. It takes so little to be considered under the influence these days although not much seems to happen once the DUI is issued. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience! Glad you are okay and hope you can get some answers at some point.

The Fryes said...

Living in Raleigh, I regularly drive through the intersection where the sweet young girl lost her life due to the carelessness of the plastic surgeon, his excessive speed and poor decisions. So sorry to hear about your incident but thankful no one was seriously hurt.

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

100% every word you said.

Anonymous said...


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Travelbugmom said...

My mom had a saying that God watches out for babies and ironically drunks...meaning that they can't watch over themselves....I struggle with that thinking since so many people who drink CONTINUALLY get behind the wheel of a car!! Wait until you put the keys to the car in one of your children's hands...the worry is unbelievable. Organizations like MADD and SADD still exist probably because the law is loose! I had every one of my children vow to me that they would call me and say they feel like throwing up before they got in a car with a driver that was drinking. It has worked 2 times. But it still can't protect them from being hit by one! Sorry about DH's car.

Beth Dunn said...

That is Awful! Husband and I always have a driver if we plan to drink. I'm relieved it was just your car but also sorry for the damages

Donna said...

You are so right! Why in the world the police didn't check the blood alcohol of your skip n run offender is just beyond reason! Almost like collusion! I'm sure that was such a shock to be without your car too.
Laws do need to be tightened. For all. So sorry this happened to you!

Helene said...

It's so sad and tragic, isn't it? And so unfair...the guilty person goes on with their life after having several second chances while the people who lost a loved one continue to grieve day after day.

Hopefully, one day soon, there will be stiffer penalties for people like this who make poor decisions.

myletterstoemily said...

so sorry about your car . . . and the
loose dui-er.

new cars force us to wear seatbelts
or listen to annoying beeps. maybe
they should add mandatory breath
tests in order to even be able to
start the car.

Football and Fried Rice said...

It's really sad when we cant even sleep in our beds at night without being at risk! Very scary! Thankful no one was injured....