Friday, November 26, 2010


It's Black Friday!! Many of you have just embarked on your Christmas shopping. Some of you finished in October. I have completed the bulk of our shopping, but still have some photo calendars to make and other items to purchase. All of us have that moment where we are stuck and have no idea what to buy our child or niece or nephew or godchild. Last year, I wrote a post about Magnatiles. They are still one of our very favorite toys of all times. I highly recommend buying a set if you haven't already!

This year I wanted to tell you about Citiblocs. They are an all-natural wooden block with pine from New Zealand. They are unique in that each block is the exact same size. Children can build tall buildings, ships, castles, and houses without the use of glue or magnets. They are safe for children which is a huge plus at Mama Henley's house! You can find a set on, Ebay, or by searching good toy websites like Fat Brain Toys or Back to Basics. Children of all ages will enjoy these blocks, but they are best for children over age 3! I love it that now you can buy cool colors or hot colors in a set to liven up your buildings.

In a world that is fast-paced and motivated by tv, internet, and video games, it's nice to find a toy that truly captures a child's imagination and helps them learn and grow. Happy Black Friday!


theaikenite said...

I really like this- no mess, creative play. Have you seen the commericial for the Crayola crayon maker. . . you MELT old crayons in this thing to make new multicolored ones. I looked at my husband and said, " What demented person who has no children invented this thing?" I do not want to melt anything in my house!

3 Peanuts said...

Harry who wants to be an architect would probably love these. Thanks for the recommendation!

Oh and to your previous commenter...My son BEGGED for that Crayon maker last year and I got it for him..BIGGEST WASTE OF $$$ EVER!!! He used it once!

Virginia in CLT said...

Great ideas! How many magnatiles would you recommend for a starter set (ages 4 1/2 and 3)? 100, 48 or 32? Thanks, AH!
xoxo- Va

bevy said...

We have a similar toy. Can't remember the name, but my boys can spend lots of time on the floor building...

Love these types of toys!!!