Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Do you just love s'mores? My friend, Anne, told me that she eats one almost every day after school. She is a teacher, so she has earned an after school snack! Well, my new Tampa friend, Cathy, taught me the neatest trick! Ritz crackers has some new chocolate-covered Ritz cookies. Perhaps they are trying them in Tampa and they haven't made it to other cities because I could not find them on the Nabisco website. Anyway, Cathy recommends cooking your marshmallow over the campfire and then placing it on chocolate-covered Ritz! This eliminates the need for a chocolate bar! Cathy said that you can sometimes find chocolate-covered graham crackers at Sam's Club or Costco, and you can also use these for s'mores! Your next camping trip will be much easier!


Jo said...

Oh yummy! They haven't hit the shelves here in CT but I'll keep looking. I just posted about the s'mores bar I did for our party. These are one of my favorite treats year round.


Donna said...

Wow...sounds great! They're not here in Ohio either. I Love the salty crunchy taste of ritz with s'mores much more than the traditional soft sweet graham crackers. Will have to look for these!

CRICKET said...

I commented on Jo's smores yesterday - it must be the weather that we feel like this wonderful snack! Couldn;t agree with you more on the two posts below. I have a go to lipstick, nice handbag and I do a professional haircut. I am also very thankful for everyone around me and my health. Happy Thanksgiving!

Catherine said...

A delicious and easy recipe is to melt some chocolate chips in the microwave, dip the Ritz crackers in the melted chocolate, and then place on a rack so the chocolate sets up. You can also sprinkle on chopped nuts or sprinkles. So easy and so yummy! No one will ever know it's a cracker!
A viewer demonstrated this on Martha a while back.