Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have a new love!

I have told you peeps before of my love for Macs and their people. I mean, I wrote a whole post about One to One! Well, I have found a new love. My HP printer died after just one year. I am not finished with the folks at HP. They didn't even apologize when I called. Instead, they told me I can send them my old printer and BUY ONE JUST LIKE IT for $90. Does that sound like a deal to you? I don't think so, but that's a separate post.
My DH is the best and he feels my pain. He knew I needed a printer for work and home. So, we bought a new printer. Sadly, our desktop is old enough that it simply could not support the software installation for the new printer. The printer folks could not send me a CD that would work with our older operating system. I was stuck.
I had passed the iHospital many times. I had seen the signs for Mac and iPhone repair. I googled them and called them after finding out that I had to have a newer operating system and some more Ram. The iHospital said they could help me, so I drove to their store. It was clean and BUSY. I never knew how many people drop their iPhone in a day! I wish I had thought of this brilliant idea! The men were all dressed in doctor's scrubs. They were friendly and knowledgeable. I filled out my info on the iPad and went on my merry way. The computer was back in my hands in about 5 hours. They were fast, efficient, and guess what? They threw in the RAM for FREE and I just paid for my new operating system and the labor. They're nice like that! When I left my old faithful G5, they did not give me a claim ticket. I admit, it made me nervous. In fact, I told them so. I teased them that I am a blogger. They assured me that they would treat me right. And they did. If you live in Tampa or have an IHospital in your area, consider yourself blessed.


Imjustagirl said...

I have passed by there a thousand times. That is good to know!! Thanks!

Town and Country Mom said...

We do not have an iHospital, but when my younger son forgot his iTouch was in his backpack it got rained on and goofed up. My DH took him to the Apple store, a very busy place, and the service tech told him that the warranty didn't cover rain damage, but since the damage happened on a mission trip and since we had just bought a MacBook Pro for our older son for college, that we were "part of the Apple family," and how 'bout if they just replaced it this time?! For free! Um, yes, I think I like being part of the Apple family!

Anonymous said...

Screwbox on Kennedy is the best for Mac repairs. He's a former Apple Genius and a Certified Macintosh Technician.

iHospital said...

Thank you for the kind words about us! We love that you blogged about us too!

Please let the iHospital staff know how else we can support you.