Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Talk to Me, Baby! I need your DSi wisdom!

Our precious boy is about to die to have a DSi! We are the last holdouts in his circle of friends. They all have them and we have learned that it's hard to share. It just doesn't happen. So, Santa baby might bring our boy his dream toy. He has saved his money from his grandmothers to help him purchase one. We haven't started giving allowance, so this is quite a big feat. If Santa were to give him a DSi, what games do you recommend? What games would his sisters enjoy? Do we need a nerf case? Do they make one for the XL? What are the necessities and what are extras? Help Mama Henley, if you please!


Me said...

We don't have a DSi, but we have a DS. I definitely recommend getting a case for it as it will be dropped many times even with the greatest care. An extra stylus or two is a good idea, as is a screen protector film. A lot of the games are very similar to Wii games..or other game system games. My son is almost 8 and he loves Mario Kart and any Mario game...he also likes Kirby and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. You should check to see if there are games that take advantage of the DSi's unique features, too.

I borrow my son's DS sometimes and enjoy the Brain Age games and Pogo Island. Mindless fun before I had my Android phone.

Hope that helps!

Henley on the Horn said...

Thank you, Me! I wish I could thank you properly by email or on your blog. I really appreciate this good feedback! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sherrie said...

How old is your son? I have three boys and they all have a multitude of games.

The older two love Scribblenauts and I know there is a newer version of Super Scribblenauts. According to my 11 yo with Scribblenauts kids can write a word (noun) and it creates a picture of the word. I guess with Super Scribblenauts they can write adjectives too, like angry dog. My 11 and 9 yo both have Scribblenauts and are asking for Super Scribblenauts this year.

My 11 faves are: Kirby Adventures, Madden footaball, NLB Power Pros (baseball game)

My 9 yo like: Lego Battles, Cooking Mama

My 5 yo faves are: Batman Brave and the Bold, Kirby squeek squad, Mario, Yoshi's Island

Big Brain Academy is a great educational game and if you have DS download two people can play against each other. I recommend that one and wish they would play it more!

My 9 yo and 5 yo are both asking for Toy Story 3. If you have any questions about specific games feel free to email me and I will get some feedback from the boys.