Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Magic

We love Baby Magic Baby Wash in our house. It just smells good. Even our older children like to wash with it because it is so gentle on your skin. My mother-in-law has always wondered why our children's wash cloths have yucky dark spots on them. Each one is discolored in a large circle shape. It is strange because I always use color-safe bleach on our whites. DH & I could never figure it out. Well, M decided we needed new wash cloths for the children's new bathroom. She bought beautiful white ones, and I put them in the bathroom. Next thing I know, I am folding a clean wash cloth, and it has that same spot on it that the old ones had!!!! What's a mama to do?

DH & I think it must be the Baby Magic! I have put it up in the cabinet and the children are all using Suave for Kids. Please let me know if you have had this same problem! I am going to write the company. There must be some kind of oil in the baby wash that causes the stains!

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Melissa said...

That is the weirdest thing! Can't wait to hear what you find out and love the dressing recipe!