Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

My friend, N, is super organized! I just love her because everything she touches folds neatly back into its place. Sheets, receipts, stacks of papers are all perfect under N's hands. I want to be just like her!!! One great thing that N does is organize her things for decorating each room in her home. When she decorates a new room, or re-decorates an old one, N paints a piece of white cardstock with the colors of the walls and trim. Then, she staples all fabric and trim samples for furniture, pillows, and window treatments onto that card. If she used granite, carpet, or rugs in that room, she will put those samples with her room sheet. I believe she keeps all of these cards in a notebook, but if you were decorating an entire home, you would probably need a file box to hold the granite, tile, and hardwood samples. You could even put a sample of your knobs and hardware in the box. N is always so organized, and her homes are always decorated better than the magazines!! I need her to hurry and visit!

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Preppy Pettit said...

I tagged you. and I do the exact same thing with fabric and wall paint.