Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Gift of Goodbye

What an overwhelming week. Yesterday I told D that I felt like someone had died. I was completely spent emotionally and physically. I literally WAILED and SOBBED like a baby out loud in our empty home. It was all I could do to tell friends goodbye and then to hug my family for the last time as a resident of Raleigh. Friends stopped by to give goodbye hugs, we enjoyed last meals together, and our friends even joined us in the driveway to say goodbye the afternoon before we left. We are so blessed!! We felt very loved as we left so many we love.

It is amazing to see how the Lord has planned this new season in our lives. Our children will attend a small school, and a family friend wanted to introduce us to her friend in our new hometown. We were amazed to find out the family friend has a grandchild in our triplets' class!! God ordained our move to Florida before we were ever born! It is amazing to see how He has knit our lives to be in this city at this time to meet these people. It was so hard to leave. I cannot even tell you how difficult it was, but it is exciting to see who we are supposed to meet!

Friends gave us new coloring books, stickers, markers, and food for the drive. I never buy the individual bags of goldfish, so the children were excited to have them!

We left as the moon was going down and the sun was coming up. It was beautiful. Sweet A said, "Goodbye Raleigh" and I cried once again. We had a beautiful day of driving. The temperature rose 35*F as we drove!! We shed layers and welcomed palm trees and nice breezes. What a gift to show our children their new home! They were very excited. Little H had said, "Mommy, pool" during the entire drive. It was fun to show everyone their rooms. We had hired someone to oversee all repairs and another person to paint. I was truly amazed at how clean the house was and how much they had completed!! It is a wonderful home.

Our friend, C, sent a great package filled with necessities. We had just said we needed lots of new lightbulbs when I opened the package and found light bulbs, notepads for lists, paper towels, napkins, cups, plates, silverware, mac n' cheese, canned fruit, double stuff oreos, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and many other things we need right away!! It could not have been a more perfect gift! I want to be that thoughtful to others. It was the absolute perfect gift! She's smart like that!

Our hotel is actually a spec condo that hasn't sold. We may never leave! We have a huge granite counter top kitchen, washer dryer, elevator!, garage, luxurious bedrooms, a courtyard, etc. It is perfect. I ran into Publix and bought some snacks for the children. God has taken such great care of us!

Thank you, dear Lord, for your provision. If this post makes no sense it is because I am so tired. I am off to bed!

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The 5 Bickies said...

The goodbyes must have been wrenching. I am so glad you were greeted with things well under way and that your temporary quarters are comfortable.

I love the idea of the package with lightbulbs, etc. I will be borrowing that one some time. Thanks!