Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Boxes Follow-Up

I received LOTS of responses to the free cardboard boxes. My favorite was:

"Hey im really interested but d0nt have a car. can u help me 8134031436" (his punctuation, not mine)

Yes, you know, I'm really into a courier service or picking you up, you crazy serial killer, and driving you to my home to GIVE you FREE BOXES. Sorry, sir, these are FREE BOXES which translates, "Get in your car or a cab or walk and YOU pick them up." It's amazing what people will ask you to do! And, it's actually kind of scary to think what kind of person this might be & how they might be able to trick someone into picking them up! Thankfully, I ignored the email & hope to live another 24 hours in this town! :)


pink green & southern said...

People are CRAZY!

Kappa Prep said...

People can be SO odd! Did they honestly think you would want to drive all over town just to get rid of boxes? My goodness!