Monday, January 5, 2009

Get Organized

It's a new year, and everyone is throwing things out, giving things away, and getting organized... or at least thinking about doing so!! When we move to our new home, I am going to reorganize our cabinets. I have been buying the plastic containers for flour and sugar, and they are great. I realized I could use one of those containers to hold 2 boxes of powdered sugar, cornstarch, or brown sugar, so I bought extras for those things. This keeps creatures out and keeps your goodies fresh!! Also, get out that Sharpie marker, and write the date you opened the box of sugar, etc. on the outside of the box. I found some flour that was several YEARS old, and had to throw it out!!

As you put things in your attic, be sure to buy boxes at Target or Walmart and carefully label the outside of the boxes. It makes it much easier to keep things organized. I have a large Rubbermaid box for each of our children and store their ornaments in them. They have fun opening their own box each Christmas and putting the ornaments on the tree. I use the Sharpie once again to mark the date they received the ornament and who gave it to them on the outside of the individual ornament boxes. Sometimes your memory needs to be jogged! :)

As many of you do, I label large see-through boxes for the children's clothes too (ex.: Girls size 12-18 months) and you will be able to find what you need! Little AH needed a winter coat and I had been shopping for one on sale, only to find the best bargain was in a box in my own attic!!

In our new kitchen, I am going to buy glass jars for things like pretzels, school snacks, etc to make our cabinet more attractive. This is really cute if you have a pantry! We have some drawers that pull out, but not a true walk-in pantry.

My friend, B, bought a fancy glass jar for detergent and has it out in her laundry room. She has the best laundry room of anyone I know!

While organizing, PURGE!! I am one to talk as I horde papers, but PURGE!! We just gave a sweet family here many things that we no longer use or wear, and they were thrilled. The husband put on D's sweater immediately because he did not have one. So give to others & remember that is more blessed to give than to receive!

Happy Organizing!! I will be drowning in trying to be organized next week!

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