Thursday, January 22, 2009

Uses for plastic baby food containers

Gerber and other baby food companies are now making many of their baby foods in plastic containers. I have always loved the glass ones, but the new plastic ones can also be reused for many things. I will list the ways I have used them, but be creative and find your own ways to reuse these containers! If you use them to store food, be sure not to put them in the microwave, and to dispose of them after a few uses in case the plastic breaks down and leaks BPAs!

-These containers are great for single servings of fruit or veggies or dip to send to school with your children
-They can be used to hold nails and screws in your tool kit
-We put hair bands in them to keep them neat and orderly in drawers or your overnight kit.
-Paper clips or safety pins fit easily into these cute containers!
-You can use them to hold syrup for children who like to dip their pancakes!
-Make your own baby food & use these containers!
-Freeze applesauce or juice in them for a fun treat.
-Freeze small cubes of chicken, turkey, or beef broth to use in a later recipe.
-Use them for spices. They stack easily!
-Use them for beads and other craft items

Please post your ideas as well!

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Preppy Pettit said...

Great tips! Too bad we are past baby food.