Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Traveling with children

We will embark on another long road trip in just 2 days! DH & I have become quite the pros at long trips & saving money. Here are some tips!

-Pack a cooler with your favorite drinks. If you have a baby, you definitely want to pack milk or formula & keep it cold. Pack at least 1 extra bottle or cup.
-Fill water bottles with WATER (I know, so creative) & put one by each child's seat in the car
-Bring snacks. You can buy them prepackaged, but you'll save money by making your own baggies of goldfish, pretzels, raisins, etc.
-Bring FRUIT!! Children never have enough fruit on trips. Carrot sticks are also great... but make your own. I just read an awful article on where the cute carrot sticks originate.
-Bring a hospital throw-up pan. I know. GROSS. But trust me, our vomit comet has been thankful to have one on SEVERAL occasions. I now keep it in the car at all times!!!!
-Bring grocery store bags for trash & above needs.
-Pack chlorox wipes for wiping down shoes after going in nasty gas stations, rest stops, etc. NO GERMS in your car!
-Bring entertainment (coloring books, crayons, electronic games, books, baby toys, whatever you allow)
-On 2 day trips, we pack a huge cooler with sandwiches or lunchables, turkey, fruit, drinks, cheese sticks, yogurt, etc. It saves us a stop and money!
-Do not buy every child a whole meal unless they can truly eat it ALL. Every bite. Every fry. Otherwise, buy each child a burger & one large fry (more if you need it). Our whole family can eat 1-2 large fries because most everyone just wants a little. Do not buy a drink... use the ones in the car!
-Encourage the children to RUN at stops. We like Cracker Barrell & rest stops in some states, especially those with family rest rooms.
-Encourage SLEEP. Leave early in the morning or travel at night if you have a cranky traveler!
-Give older children things to look for like signs, landmarks, etc.

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Mags said...

These tips are perfect. I've already printed it out so Mr. O has some clue. We're going from the Washington, DC area down to Orlando, Fl next week.