Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Day in the life

I wrote this a week ago on Mon, Feb. 9th, but this is a typical day!

Monday was a day like any other. The triplets went to school at 8am, and then I took K at 9am. H & I then went to our local Greenwise, a new concept by Publix. It is a mixture between Whole Foods and a regular grocery store. The food is wonderful! You can buy great sandwiches, salads, and pizzas there too. It took us about an hour to shop, and we raced home since we had some shrimp in our bags!

I unloaded the groceries, finished cleaning up the kitchen, and ran a load of laundry. Then, I had to sort through paperwork to organize our tax information. April 15th will be here before we know it! The next thing I knew, it was time to pick K up at school, so we raced to get her!

We came home & moved the trash cans back behind the house, and then I fixed lunch. I had a BLT & K had some bacon and fruit. H ate a little bit of many things. I rocked H & put her down for her nap, and then picked up in the upstairs bedrooms.
Then I prepared our chuck roast for dinner and put it in the oven so that it could cook all afternoon.

I spent a lot of time on hold sorting out bills. I had to fax something to the water department here to avoid a $140 deposit! All of this took a lot of time. Then, I tackled more of our ever-growing paperwork and never-finished laundry. I wash an average of 3 loads a day.

I also cleaned up playdough and folded more laundry. K & I played together some too. At 10 till 3, we woke up H & raced to pick up the triplets. On the way home, we dropped off DH's drycleaning. Once in the door, everyone unloaded book bags and had a snack while I packed the lunches for Tuesday. CP helped me with the lunches, which was nice. The children played outside and I folded more laundry, peeled potatoes, and worked on dinner!

At 5pm, I put everyone in the bathtub or shower for baths. H & K need special attention, so I put away clean clothes & made D's bed while they played in the tub. Of course I forgot about the potatoes boiling on the stove, so I had to run downstairs a time or two. That is when I decided it is dangerous to cook when you have young children!

DH came home & we all had dinner. Notice I sad we HAD dinner. I'm not sure we enjoyed it. I had really knocked myself out with homemade mashed potatoes, roast beef, roasted carrots, corn and French bread. The children wouldn't eat & the battle began. It ended with me showing the children the Sam & Esther video. I told them that it's okay to not love everything on their plate, but to eat it anyway, because there are children who have NOTHING. I think the video helped them understand. We all cried.


Kappa Prep said...

You are one BUSY and AMAZING woman!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet AHP! We miss you!!!! We have got to talk soon--lots going on!

Anonymous said...

That was from me Marcie!

The Doctor's Wife said...

Ugh! The food battle. I've decided it's just not worth it. We give our kids enough on their plates to have a "no thank you" bite of everything...if they hate it they can say "no thank you". Their only other options are a bowl of cereal or a carton of yogurt and a fruit or vegetable. Atleast that way they're getting fiber (we don't keep any sugary cereals in the house) and some fruit/veggie nutrients. It has made my life so much easier. Sometimes, they surprise me and eat everything that we eat. Sometimes not. Either way, we all get to eat and there's not arguing.

The Boyce Family said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I'm enjoying reading yours. I think we may be in the same area (I saw your Gasparilla post and reference to Greenwise--I think I recognize that riding ring, too). Good to "meet" you!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

busy busy! I so hear you on the food issues! Mine have to at least try some of what we are having, and I really feel like they are old enough to just eat what is being served. sigh. someday......