Monday, February 23, 2009

Repentant vs. Non-repentant

I thought you'd enjoy a glimpse of how discipline is going at our house.

Over the weekend, the big 4 wanted to take little H out to play in the driveway. I saw a car backing out, so I ran outside and asked, "Where is H?" None of them knew. I punished them by making them come inside and sit on their beds. I was sitting at my computer when they walked in the room and D handed me the note she had written on behalf of all 4 of them. I will try to use her punctuation and spelling. It read:

Mommy i'm sorry we might don't be the best children in the world. I'm praying Lord i'm SORRY what we did. Pless help us.
your children

What a treasure. I will keep it forever!

On the other hand, our son was in trouble, along with his sisters, for not obeying at another time over the weekend. I had asked them to go to their rooms and sit on their beds (is this a common theme or something?) while I came around & kissed them good night. Before I could get upstairs, all 4 were wrestling and tumbling just as they had been when I had sent them upstairs in the first place. Since this was their 2nd time to disobey on this issue, I told them I would have to spank each of them. I was calm, not the least bit angry, and planned to barely touch them when I spanked. A began to sob. "I DIDN"T GET A COOKIE!", he screamed. "They all had a cookie earlier today, and I didn't have one!!" And this pertains to your disobedience how?? I replied, "A, you refused a cookie when it was offered to you. Now you have disobeyed and you all are going to bed. You are not going to have a cookie. I'm sorry you didn't have one earlier. Now let me give everyone their spanking. I'll see you in a minute." Loud sobs roared from his room. I barely tapped K. I barely tapped the 2 big girls. It was A's turn. "Come here, buddy." "I WANT A COOKIE!!!! WAHHHHHHH", he screamed as he finally came over to me. I have been convicted about not disciplining them calmly and correctly. I sat with A and explained that he has to obey when I tell him not to do something. I told him how much I love him. I did all of the things you're supposed to do. I tried my best to shepherd his heart. Then, it was his turn. I couldn't wait to hear him confess his wrongdoing and to ask for my forgiveness. That sweet boy opened his mouth and said, "I want a cookie". I replied, "I just talked to you about your disobedience, and it is your turn to ask for forgiveness and all you can say is that you want a cookie??? You weren't listening to me at all. You were just thinking over and over in your head that you want a cookie." So, in one weekend, our children admitted their disobedience and begged to be forgiven, and then, one of those same children just wanted a cookie. We are all a work in progress!


pink green & southern said...

I LOVE those sweet apoligies they write when they are small. My fav says "I am sorry. Now, can I still get an i-pod Christmas?"

Lori said...

Oh bless his little heart. Yes...progress. :)

It sounds like you have read "Shepherding the Heart of A Child"?