Friday, February 6, 2009

How to have an adult conversation with a young child

How many times have you realized no one is tugging on you so you might actually be able to make a phone call, only to make the phone call and some sort of radar sends children running from blocks away? How many times have you met a friend for lunch with children in tow, only to come home wondering if you all talked at all? Mothers of preschoolers and younger are all too familiar with these scenarios. Even older children have a difficult time not interrupting mama when she's talking to another adult either in person or over the phone.

Today a cute friend that I met at Greystone asked me to meet her for coffee. We ended up having Diet Cokes at Louie Pappas, with my little just-turned-2- and-I-can-say-'NO'- H in tow. H is not known for her good behavior in public. She is an easy, adaptable child until you want her to sit quietly in a high chair. It's just not gonna happen! I googled within my own mind to think of a way to keep her somewhat quiet and occupied. Food usually works, so I gave her strawberries. I also brought a brand new can of hot pink playdough. Perfection. That sweet little monkey played with her playdough for AN HOUR AND A HALF!!! I actually was able to have a real conversation!! Thank you, Lord, for sweet reminders that you really are with me! Now, playdough will join the little baggie of crayons, the Clean Well hand sanitizer, many receipts, a hand full of names & numbers that are floating around, and at least 5 of my favorite pens in my purse!! You should try the playdough trick. I think even older children secretly enjoy the stuff. After all, I made a couple of pancakes and hot dogs myself! :)


Marcie said...

I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I always take pipe cleaners. They are colorful, and quiet. My boys make all different things with them.

Best Life said...

So funny! I thought by your title that you were going to talk about how to have an adult conversation WITH a child (talking TO the child, not with the child at the table). Then when I read it I just had to giggle. Blogs are so much fun. I also enjoyed reading your menu for the week. We, also, seldom eat out anymore and those are some good, simple ideas. Thanks. Lisa~