Friday, February 20, 2009

Flowers from Costco... one brilliant man's quest for the perfect flower

Our friend, J, is a smart man. When choosing something to buy, he researches it and makes sure it is the very best. As Valentine's Day approached, J wanted the perfect flowers for his precious wife. Only the best would do. Costco had a special advertisement about roses hand-picked in Columbia and shipped overnight to the US. He decided to try it as N would receive 30 gorgeous roses. The roses arrived and a vase was even included in the package. N said she did not even have to arrange the roses as they were prearranged. She just filled the vase with water and slipped them in.

J admired the flowers and they noticed a few small brown spots. They were not terrible, but the flowers were not blemish-free. Since this was J's first time ordering flowers from Costco, he sent them an email. He let them know that the flowers had arrived on time, and that they were beautiful, minus a few blemishes. He received a prompt response and was asked to please email photos of the flowers. J obliged, and the pictures were sent. Costco Customer Service wrote back immediately and said that J would be given a FULL REFUND as the roses were not up to their standard of quality!! They apologized profusely and said they hoped it did not ruin his holiday. What service!! I am sure J will try Costco again for roses next Valentine's Day. It is so nice when a company stands behind their products. J was wise to notify them of the discoloration! Henley on the Horn may have to hire J as one of her writers if the business thrives!

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