Sunday, June 21, 2009


When I met DH, I had no idea he would one day make me the proud mama of FIVE beautiful children. However, I knew he was special! I was so right. Today I celebrate the precious man who willingly drove all 12 hours in the car today, despite the fact that it was "his day" and he has to drive 2 hours away tomorrow morning. DH is the best father I know. I love those moments where I observe him and he has no idea... the late night kisses goodnight to the children, his expression when a child says something clever or sweet... the fun he has with them in the pool or reading bedtime stories... the way he tenderly cares for each of them. DH prefers to be with his family, even though that can mean more chaos than calm and more noise than silence. His greatest gift to our 5 children is the way He loves the Lord and the way he loves and cares for me. I have read over and over that the greatest gift you can give your children is a solid marriage between you and your spouse. I am thankful that Darling Husband puts the Lord first in His daily walk, and loves me even when I am quite unlovable. We are all so blessed. Happy Father's Day, D!!! I love you!!!

What a surprise to be expecting not one, but THREE babies!! Darling Husband couldn't wait to be a father!

DH just beamed whenever holding our 3 miracles.

Our little angels immediately fell in love with their daddy.

Daddy's girls!

Daddy's three angels shortly after all 3 finally arrived at home!

DH is a hands-on Daddy. He loves to play with the children and gracefully adapted to having triplets.

DH handled having four children under age 2 with relative ease. He managed to remain calm and relaxed when I couldn't!

The children love to spend time with their Daddy.

DH drove us to Martha's Vineyard one summer and loved showing the children how to eat food straight from the ocean!

No one is more fun in the snow than Daddy!

DH took our only son, A, on a father/son trip to meet his Uncle in Oregon when A was just 5.

DH taught everyone how to fly a kite in Martha's Vineyard!

Daddy was so happy to hold baby # 5, another GIRL!

H's baptism was very special.

Five under FIVE! Now where was our TV show?! :)


The Hayden Family said...

Reading that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. You always write the kindest words about him and have such good insight...I remember one thing you said in a post..."always build your husband up" and that always sticks with me. You are lucky to have such a terrific husband and he is SO lucky to have YOU.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wonderful post.
God is awesome and He blesses us with the perfect husbands and daddies...

Our prayer over our son has been since he was itty-bitty was for a sweet, strong, loving, patient, Christian wife and for our two daughters-sweet, strong, loving, patient Christian husbands... one night while prayers were said daughter interjected with "don't forget handsome too!"

EntertainingMom said...

What a sweet tribute... I love all the pictures especially the one of you and DH holding your bellied!

Kim said...

What a precious post and tribute to your DH. I just love seeing the baby photos of the triplets as infants!