Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Precious Time

I just had the opportunity to be alone with our oldest 4 children for a week. It was a very sweet time. We went to camp together, and our youngest stayed at home. (Thank you, Mimi and Daddy!!) Our sweet 2 year old and I are always together because she didn't go to preschool. Therefore, we are very close and she receives a LOt of my attention. DH was wonderful at reminding me to try to really focus on the big 4 and to give them my attention. It was a sweet week because it really does change things when your hands aren't tied changing diapers and running after a 2 year old.
As we drove, we could all buckle ourselves and hop out of the car and go to the bathroom and eat without a lot of assistance! We enjoyed sprites and Zaxby's chicken fingers and time together. At camp, we all slept in a cabin together for the first 2 nights before the big 2 girls became campers. We enjoyed writing and receiving mail, singing camp songs, playing in the lake, seeing old friends, making new friends, and going to classes. I taught Cooking and it was fun to see my own children come through as campers.
Most of all, we were surrounded by counselors and staff who love the Lord and loved on these girls. I saw our children gain confidence as they returned to camp knowing their way around and knowing what camp is all about.

As we left camp yesterday, I heard fun stories about their camp friends and we sang camp songs and laughed and ate Skittles and Rolos. It was a wonderful week with my FAB FOUR!! And a sweet Reunion with #5 and DH!!


Kappa Prep said...

I am so thrilled you has such fun! Greystone is such a magical place! I am hoping to pop in for the 90th anniversary at some point this summer. I am thrilled you met ME and would LOVE to work with you next summer. Did you know I used to teach cooking too???

The 5 Bickies said...

What a fun week. I love that you got to be part of camp with them. They will treasures these times!

pink green & southern said...

What a special time--sounds like memories that will last a lifetime!

Beth said...

Trying again to comment..I can not get this to work!
Loved the pics...sad your goddaughter missed going. Maybe next year? Love you!!