Monday, June 15, 2009

My Twin

Sometimes I can't get over how much one of our girls is like I was as a child. She writes songs and performs them, loves to write, loves to read, and is highly sensitive. It is almost uncanny how much she is the epitome of me as a child. Just the other day I looked in the rear view mirror on a long trip, and she was voraciously reading a book. I used to do the very same thing. She wrote many letters while at camp and her triplet sister returned with all of her pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with matching stationary! It is fun to see them grow and change.

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I found a note that read:
Dear Mommy,
CP pinched me I got heard and CP scweesed me on the face. She is really strong. I'm half dead right now. Love, D

I laughed right out loud... I can be dramatic like that too. I just loved her last line about being half dead now. Sweet girl. I checked her pulse, tried to wake her, and told her how much I love her and that I was sorry her sister hurt her. Then, I tucked away this letter to be read at a later time in her beautiful life!! Do you have children with a personality that is similar to yours?


pink green & southern said...

Miss Priss and I have the exact same temperament. You would think this would have us get along famously, but instead that is not exactly the case!

Domestic Diva said...

This is a cute post. Both my girls are mini mes.... one looks so similar to me as a child and 100% me. The other looks like my husband as a child and is 100% him. My husband and I are so similar and it all mixes in and is pretty amazing!
Have a fabulous day!
xxx me